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Gold Star Concierge is your one stop shop, providing you with personalized services for all your Israel based needs. From grocery shopping to gift baskets to event planning to everything in between, we guide you to a stress free, successful result.

Our Services


Let us add some time back into your day by in-person shopping, ordering and delivering your groceries, running your errands and shopping for specialized items such as gifts, creative projects or board games. 

Customized gift packages

From birthdays to anniversaries to mishloach manot, let us create a beautiful, customized package for your loved ones in Israel. 

Apartment Set-up

Whether you are renting an apartment in Jerusalem or staying at your vacation property, we can get you organized so you have everything you need in your home upon arrival. Save precious time by not spending it fighting the crowds in the grocery store. See our grocery checklist to get you started!

Event Planner

For all your life cycle and corporate events, we can take care of the details to ensure your special day runs smoothly and is memorable. 

Chagim prep

Planning for all chagim can be stressful with so much to coordinate. We can take help you organize and manage your to-do list so you can enjoy your holiday!

Gap Year Students

From dorm room setup to pre-arrival shopping to birthday celebrations, and all other occasions, we can give your child the touch of home they are missing.  

Need help with something that’s not listed above?

About Me

Thank you for visiting my website! Here’s a little bit about me:

First and foremost, I love organizing and making order out of chaos. I am forever making to-do lists – the feeling of crossing something off my list makes me happy. When I was little, probably about 6 or 7 years old, I went to my father’s office one day and reorganized his desk so that everything had a place. Keeping people organized and on task is in my blood.

My career path has enabled me to perfect these skills, and after earning a BA in English Communications from Stern College, I worked in HR/Operations/Event Planning for various non-profit organizations as well as corporate, hi-tech healthcare companies. I eventually went on to earn a MS in HR Management & Development from National Louis University in Chicago.

For the past two years, I have been putting my skills to use in some of the following ways:

No request is too small or silly; I can help you breathe a little easier and free up your time so you can focus on the things you want to do rather than the things you have to do.

I am looking forward to helping you!

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